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Catch Exception (via #spockwebconsole)
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Catch Exception

Published 2 years ago by mrhaki with tags exception
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import spock.lang.*

public class JDrivenServiceSpecification extends Specification {

    private JDrivenService service = new JDrivenService()

    def "publishArticle throws ArticleNotFoundException"() {
        service.publishArticle null

        final ArticleNotFoundException exception = thrown()
        // Alternate syntax: def exception = thrown(ArticleNotFoundException)

        exception.message == 'Article not found please provide an article to publish'


class JDrivenService {
    void publishArticle(final String article) throws ArticleNotFoundException {
        if (!article) throw new ArticleNotFoundException('Article not found please provide an article to publish')

class ArticleNotFoundException extends Exception {
    ArticleNotFoundException(String message) {